2009 and 2010 records

2009 and 2010 records

If you haven't already, please could you submit your records for the years 2009 and 2010. Normal records should be submitted using the Excel file, while records of species requiring assessment by the Records Committe should be submitted using the Word file. Both these are available on the website.

Can I remind people of the following:

1. Pls use the required format for naming files of rare species, which is:

name yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. Bean Goose 2011-10-13).

2. Pls provide photos as separate jpeg files. Pls provide low res files first (approx 100-200kb), and if we need high res images, we will get back to you. The file name convention is:

name yyyy-mm-dd I-xx (e.g. Bean Goose 2011-10-13 I-01)

Please try to remember to name files correctly, as it is important for our processing and storage of records. While re-naming one file is not a problem, it becomes time-consuming if we receive a number of these.

3. Pls check your Excel file of typical records before you send it, and preferably place records of species requiring description in a separate worksheet so that I know you are aware substantiation needs to be sent.

Pls note that posting an observation on the Forum does not mean it will be noticed or used by the Society. If it's interesting enough, and if we have time, we will attempt to use it, but given resource limitations, this may not happen. I urge everybody who has posted anything of interest on the Forum to submit a record in the appropriate way.

Pls email these direct to me. If you don't know my email address, you can simply send them to the Society.

Regards, and thanks.

Geoff Carey

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