Excel File of outstanding Unusual Record Forms

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Excel File of outstanding Unusual Record Forms

The attached Excel File lists the status of all the outstanding URF’s currently within the Records Committee system. These mostly cover the years 2007 to 2010 although some are for earlier years. You can look at the status of your own records by sorting on the ‘Name on URF’ column.

The URF system works as follows

A URF is produced for all unusual records, preferably by the observer although some are taken from website information.

Potential HK First Records are often reviewed at the next Records Committee meeting. Otherwise, URF’s are circulated together around all voting members of the Records Committee who make individual comments on each record including ‘accept’ or ‘not proven’. ‘Not proven’ does not mean the record is incorrect, it only means that the evidence provided does not prove the record beyond reasonable doubt.

When all members have viewed the record, a decision is taken whether it should be ‘accepted’ or recorded as ‘not proven’. If the individual votes are unanimous, the record will be accepted or not proven. Occasionally difficult records are re-circulated, sent to an overseas expert on that species or held awaiting further research.

Accepted records will eventually appear in the relevant HKBWS Annual Report for that year.

The attached Excel File lists old species number, species name, date of record, location, name on URF, status of URF and comment. Status of URF may be

Awaiting Circulation - in the system but not yet circulated
In Circulation – currently being reviewed by the Committee
Held – currently being held awaiting further information
Accept – accepted
Not Proven – not accepted.

Please note the name on the URF is not necessarily the finder’s name. Also some members may be surprised to find their name on a record. This is because the record has been taken off the website using photographs and other details submitted there. Also some of the names are those used on the website, where the individual’s actual name is not known.

If you have any comments on your records, wish to add anything or correct mistakes, tell me your real name or anything else, please contact me on my email address

I hope to publish an updated list every 3 months

Geoff Welch