[Outing] 17/4/2011 大帽山觀鳥活動 Tai Mo Shan Outing

17/4/2011 大帽山觀鳥活動 Tai Mo Shan Outing

17/4/2011 大帽山觀鳥活動 Tai Mo Shan Outing

Activity Information
Details of the Tai Mo Shan Outing to be held on 17 Apr 2011 as below:-

Date: 17/4/2011 Sunday
Gathering place: 08:00 Exit B near Hang Seng Bank, Tsuen Wan MTR Station
Time: 8:00 - 12:00
Leader: Dr. Cheung Ho Fai & Miss Wendy Yu
Target Species: Grassland Birds

Free of Charge for all members.
HK$30 for non-member.

**No registration is required **
The Activities Enquiry Hotline for contacting outing leaders at the event date only: 9457 3196.

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society shall have no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for expenditure or other liabilities arising from the activities.




會員: 免費
非會員: 港幣$30

** 不用報名 **
活動查詢熱線/當天與領隊聯絡電話:9457 3196



The weather can be very bad tomorrow at the Tai Mo Shan Outing.  Participants should decide whether they choose to join.  If you decide to join, get yourself prepared for rain.

HF Cheung


Yesterday's outing to Tai Mo Shan was cancelled, due to fog and rain.  Most of the participant went to Long Valley, and Eastern Water Rail, Ruddy Crake, Painted Snipe and Bluethroat were present.  Many thanks to Wendy for leading the group.

Many participants want to know the birding route for Tai Mo Shan.  Here is a map for that.

Basically you following the number 1 to 7.  From 4 to 5 is a side trial that takes you to a small resoivour that supply water to the station at the peak.  No.9 is the youth hostel, and that site is not recommended because surveys has produced very few good records.

HF Cheung



Went on the route yesterday. The weather cleared for a bit, after 10.00am. Just a few records for information:
Violet Whistling Thrush
Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler (a few)
Japanese White-eyes
Chinese and Red-vented Bulbuls (in flocks)
Long Tailed Shrike
Black Kite (+2 unidentified large raptors - buzzards?)
Barn Swallow
possibly a Japanese Bush Warbler (definitely a Bush Warbler, with a quick repetitive two-syllabic call: "Chip-poh"). Seemed to have a russet cap and call close to what I heard on a website for the Japanese Bush Warbler, but not completely sure, as I didn't expect it to be at such elevation.
Lark (not sure again which kind)
Chinese Francolin
and a nice male Grey-Chinned Minivet on the top of Kadoorie Farm where I finished the walk, just at the start of the forest.

I hope we will get a second chance for a Tai Mo Shan outing this spring...