[China] A trip to Qinghai & Tibet, 2011 青海西藏之旅

Thanks for sharing a great collection of photos.Are you sure you didn't actually get on a  Birdquest coach by accident?
(Only kidding!)
Do you have a link to the tour you took? I can see many birders with non birding spouses could get quite interested in Qinghai & Tibet!
Some of the birds are really tough to id.
I would be surprised if Marsh Tit,  even the  brevirostris  race can have such a huge black bib.
Tibetan Snowfinch is a name that has been applied to several species - White winged,Black winged & Henri's. This is a complex group of which I have little experience except White winged and none of these photos look like White winged to me.I think the bird which most fits the juvenile is Henri's(generally treated as a race of Black winged but also known as Tibetan Snowfinch to complicate matters!)- this link shows a juvenile that most matches the juv you have photographed-[url]'s_Snowfinch.[/url]
The 3 dark faced birds labelled White winged are a nice Brandt's Mountain Finch.The juv White winged looks like the same species that was labelled Tibetan!
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