當灰卷尾遇上麻鷹 (Ashy & Kite)

當灰卷尾遇上麻鷹 (Ashy & Kite)

Black Kite and Ashy Drongo (subspecies: leucogenis 白頰卷尾)
20111027, Southern HK Island
(sorry for the poor photo quality, the birds were far away, and I am still sadly sticking in the era of photographing with 8X40 binocular + normal DC)

Actually it was the Ashy Drongo which flew from a higher level to a lower level of the tree and got so near to the Black Kite. Yet I don't know why the Ashy Drongo did so.
I think they were about less then 3 metres apart.
I think both of them have cool pose here

both: "Who are you" lovely eye contact

both facing to the right

both "head down"

They stayed like this for 2-3 minutes. The Ashy Drongo left when it saw the Black Kite left

I hope next time when they met, the Black kite won't eat the Drongo up. I know Black Kites usually eat dead body of other animals, but animal behavior could be unpredictable....
By the way I think the Ashy Drongo was fearless, it stayed there as if it didn't know that the Black kite was a raptor.

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3/11/2011 same place, same birds

Digiscoping 30x + Panasonic G3

1/4s f/2 iso160


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