[Survey] Spark Bird

Spark Bird

I was birding last week and thinking about the 'Birds in Scandinavia' thread , when it dawned on me that my spark bird was a drake Mallard! It was about the 23rd October 1973 and I was 8;  one moment I was whacking a reed head against the ground at Mai Po and the next moment 10 Mallards went up - 4 drakes and 6 female  - heads shining brilliantly in the sunlight. This was my moment of conversion.
I have always been interested in spark birds, since I came across the concept. For many there is no precise moment but I guess around 50% of birders have 'a moment'.

This is what I’m talking about:

Here is a short clip on some moments of conversion!

I'd appreciate it if you took this short anonymous survey. I’ll inform you of the results in due course.

Feel free to and photos of your spark bird to this thread.

Happy Birding