[Hong Kong] 貝澳,明天的錦田? Will Pui O become Kam Tin?

Pui O and Shap Long uglification ongoing

The judicial review was not helpful for conservation at Pui O

Destruction continues; just sent email to people including the "Sustainable" Lantau Office - where Sustainable about as much a joke as the Protection in "Coastal Protection Area"

According to the government: "The "Coastal Protection Area" ("CPA") zone [which includes much of Pui O outside main village] aims to conserve, protect and retain the natural coastlines and the sensitive coastal natural environment, including interesting geological features, physical landform or area of high landscape, scenic or ecological value, with a minimum built development. “

Reality, just looks like utter lawlessness, as Pui O - and Shap Long, outside CPA but still of value - suffer death by a thousand cuts.

I attach some shots taken yesterday.
Can anyone show where the "the sensitive coastal natural environment” is being protected?

- as if we have no government here.
Certainly hard to believe there is any office for Sustainable Lantau.

Do people in the office do anything for sustainability?
- I’ve asked before, but never any info on protecting even a square inch of Lantau. Instead, reports, getting research that will find mostly what we all knew already, just twiddling thumbs while destruction continues - all while being paid big fat salaries.

Yes, Shap Long is outside the CPA, but it is/was a place with wonderful wetland, biodiversity, landscape value etc.
In one Shap Long shot, notice the debris from Mangkhut storm surge; I believe older Lantau villages are well above coastline as storm surges were not uncommon in past [they will occur again].

So, Robin and anyone else in office: have you even found how these housing projects are funded? Are they genuine “ding uk”, for villagers who need to live in them? [if not, why not, why allowed? Is it because there really is no government here, so there’s a free for all, people doing whatever they want, even building their own roads to facilitate construction, shutting off path at Pui O etc etc etc]

Shots from yesterday:
Hong Kong Outdoors enjoying and protecting wild Hong Kong. DocMartin includes H5N1 and wild birds info