Will you take bird photos like this 你會這樣拍鳥嗎?


It is not reasonable to expect that others will give your opinion.  A discussion begins when you add your own opinion. Thank you for doing so.  Your further participation in the discussion is also welcome. Even if I or others do not agree with your opinion, it is still welcome.

Language such as "blaming organisation" is not helpful.

Hong Kong Bird Watching Society has a duty to protect birds.  

You may not be aware that it is against the law (CAP 170)  to disturb the nest or eggs of a breeding bird.

Since the tern nesting island is about 150 m long, about 80m wide long and 30 metres high and birds nest on every part of the island it is very difficult to land or stay on the island without causing disturbance (when all the birds fly up as a person approaches this is disturbance).

I have visited the Farne Islands which EricB mentions.  This is a much larger island. It is large enough to have a house where wardens stay to educate the public and manage the number of visitors. The situation is therefore rather different from the small, steep uninhabited island where the terns breed in Hong Kong and where disturbance is unavoidable.

HKBWS works with AFCD to monitor the tern colony for scientific study and conservation purposes. This also causes disturbance. However the work is done by experts who work hard to minimize their disturbance, by limiting their visit to a minimum and limiting their time on the island.

HKBWS is encouraging photographers to minimise their disturbance by taking pictures from boats instead of landing on the island. Many of the excellent results have been shown on this Forum. It would be helpful to explain why this method is not appropriate and it is essential to land on the island.  

Mike Kilburn
Vice Chairman
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee