[Others 其他] Embracing the Fork-tailed Sunbird in Tai Po Kau

Embracing the Fork-tailed Sunbird in Tai Po Kau

On the Sunday February 26th the Crested Bulbul Elementary Bird Watching course went to Tai Po Kau for practice.  The instructors tutors have given us excessive warning on the difficulty of locating birds in the woodland.  This proofs to be a fair statement.  When the tutors cried out loud for velvet-fronted nuthatch, I only saw irregular patterns of bark.

Then we walked across a cluster of Ivory Coral trees before hitting the end of the coloured walks.  Suddenly a small bird hidden among the ivory-shaped flowers came out and unveiled to us its glossy greenish blue head red cheeks and green upper-parts.  What a magnificent Fork-tailed Sunbird.   

While most of the woodland inhabitants would mock the elementary bird watchers attempts by acting  camouflage in the forest,  the Fork-tailed Sunbird gives us a warm welcome by displaying its decurved bill and leading us into the fascinating world of bird watching.





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8/03/2012 23:29

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Nice post and glad you met at least one friendly bird. Keep trying!