[China] Xinjiang Visit - Information required

Xinjiang Visit - Information required

Dear Birders,

I'm not sure if this is the correct location for this post, as it is my first on here.

I will be visiting Urumqi and Luntai at short notice (due to the closure of Tibet) from 8-13 July, primarily fo Biddulph's Ground Jay but I am also very keen on finding out what else is possible during this time, and if it is possible to visit any forested hills and mountains. Currently the itinerary is:
7th - evening arrrival into Urumqi
8th - Drive to Luntai.
9-10th - Two full days birding, based in Luntai.
11th - Drive back to Urumqi (or fly back from Korla in evening if birding in mountains possible).
12th - 1600 flight from Urumqi.
If any birders are able to provide any information on, specifically, the Luntai area, if would be fantastic - I have info for the ground jay, and for some of the desert species (ie, bird along the Tarim river from the road), but is it possible to enter any forested mountains for  days birding from Luntai? I am particuarly keen on locating Eversmann's and Blue-capped Redstart - I assume if I can find these, the more common upland birds would follow.
Also, can anyone recommend a mornings birding from Urumqi, once again, for some upland spruce forest birding. I have read that Tian Chi would be a good choice, particularly as it is only an hour from the airport - or does anyone recommend a different, less crowded spot - of particular interest once again is the redstarts (are these possible in a morning from Urumqi?), and also Azure Tit and Black-throated Accentor.
Apologies for the many questions, but information on these areas is rather scant..
Many thanks in advance,
James Eaton