Sha Chau - 2 Jan 2013

Sha Chau - 2 Jan 2013

Sha Chau is a  small island a couple of kilometres to the north of the airport and right on the border with Guangdong.  

The highlights were a fine count of a dozen Pacific Reef Egrets on the rocks and jetty and 15 Great Cormorants, which I searched carefully for the slightest hint of a Pelagic. I had no such luck, but I'll keep looking on future winter visits.

I also watched a juvenile Peregrine swoop unsuccessfully on a newly arriving Oriental Turtle Dove, before drifting off across the summit of the island, where it was hassled by a couple of Large-billed Crows, who had in turn been chased off by five Collared Crows.

A brief pish revealed Chinese and Crested Bulbuls, Common Tailorbird and a female Daurian Redstart. A Common Sandpiper flitted along the wave washed rocks, and both Blue Rock Thrush and Long-tailed Shrike put in brief appearances. A distant large gull was most likely Heuglin's, but goes down as a sp.

And finally . . . the briefest roll of pink in the sea about 400m north of the station was my first tantalisingly short  view of a Chinese White Dolphin.

Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee