Flash Photography

Dear Wilson,

I do use flash on birds when necessary and possible (both!). Be warned that those against it in Hong Kong and China can act quite impolite or even violently, so be careful.

IMHO, any belief that flash is harmful in any way is pure imagination of some, who probably do not understand flash at all. Someone started a piece of mis-information and others just pick it up because, like any other urban legend, sounds convincing to those not suspicious. (Once I learnt to use it, I nearly never do any photograph indoor without flash.) And a filling flash just adds all the colors and contrast otherwise not available without it.

However, I do use it with care as I found nearly 50% of birds (especially birds in the bushes) will just fly away on the first firing! So, we better not start to use it until all birders get their satisfactory shots! It is also very difficult to use and the flash, while being able to enhance your picture at times, can ruin it completely!

As Martin put it, flash is perfectly legal so I am not going to debate with anyone on the issue.

Have fun,


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