[Hong Kong] Owls in Causeway Bay

Owls in Causeway Bay

Has anyone seen this large outdoor ad at the Morrison Hill Viaduct (above the SCMP office) in Causeway Bay?

I think these are mostly European owls, Tawny, Barn and Little, but the Scops Owl looks more like a Collared?
Is it a Ural Owl hiding behind the lampost (bird standing on top of chair back)?
And the long-winged owl in the background?

Just for amusement in this rather hot and boring August

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Owl feature

Is the girl with the bag Owlivia Newton John ?


Original posted by John Holmes at 21/08/2013 10:21
Is the girl with the bag Owlivia Newton John ?
I couldn't give a hoot who she is.


The bird on her right knee is certainly a Burrowing Owl. For the two "eared" owls I vote for one of the North American Screech Owls. There appears to be 2 Barn Owls (one in foreground and one in background). The two owls on the center chair I think are Tawny Owl and either a Barn or Grass Owl. I agree it could be a Ural Owl behind the light post.

Isn't she a little a young for Olivia Newton John?


I would say:
Barn Owl x3 (Geoff, the long-winged bird in the background is Barn)
Barn/Grass Owl x1 (on the chair - I think a dark-breasted Barn but not sure)
Little Owl x1
Collared/Indian Scops Owl x2
Tawny Owl x1
Behind the lamp-post, lower bird is a Barn Owl, middle I think is another Tawny (but not very sure - could be Ural or something else!) and the top bird I don't know - not Ural I think (too small headed), might be one of the American Strix or a Wood Owl (Mottled Wood Owl maybe?)

I think Olivia Newton John has bigger things on her plate at the moment than posing with a few owls:

Geoff, you need to get away from Causeway Bay and onto Po Toi - migration is kicking off this week!


I wish I could. But this week is Primary School Preparation Week.

Sometimes I think it's me going to school rather than Thomas, with the amount of preparation work parents are supposed to do.



You're one of the tens of thousand parents preparing their kids for the opening of new school year.

It must be quite a new experience. Help and learn and enjoy it, my best advice.

S L Tai