South Lamma 2014

9th, April, 2014

Sok Kwu Wan -> Mo Tat -> Yung Shue Ha -> Tung O -> Lo So Shing -> Hung Shing Yeh -> Yung Shue Wan

Crested Goshawk 2
Indian Cuckoo 1 heard (four-note call)
White-breasted Waterhen 1 heard
Greater Coucal 7
Pacific Reef Egret 1
Common Blackbird 1 chased away by an oriental magpie robin
Grey-backed thrush 1 heard
Large-billed Crow many

There is also an escaped green parrot in Sok Kwu Wan, but I cannot identify it.


Original posted by wgeoff at 10/04/2014 06:48
I also did the Mo Tat - Yung Shue Ha - Tung O part of this trail on 9 April (but didn't see you Louis)

I saw presumably the same pair of Crested Goshawk which were displaying over the hills between T ...
I bet that you went there much earlier. I arrived Sok Kwu Wan at 12:30pm.

So you mean the habitat from Mo Tat to Yung Shue Ha is the most productive ?