South Lamma 2014

South Lamma 2014

Now I'm not staying on Po Toi, I'm doing regular trips to South Lamma, from Mo Tat via Yung Shue Ha to Tung O.
I know John Allcock does this occasionally and it looks good birding territory PLUS I can go any weekday, unlike Po Toi where I'm restricted to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Two trips over the last two weeks, both interesting. The area around Yung Shue Ha and the old rice-fields at Mo Tat are so far the most productive.

Good birds -
Emerald Dove calling at Yung Shue Ha
Lots of thrushes, particularly Grey-backed, and chats including these - Red-tailed Robin, female Siberian Rubythroat and Grey Bushchat

Best bird was this Bianchi's Warbler behind the old village at Yung Shue Ha

Also Brown-flanked Bush Warbler at Mo Tat.

I'm looking forward to visiting this area regularly, particularly for spring migration.


I also did the Mo Tat - Yung Shue Ha - Tung O part of this trail on 9 April (but didn't see you Louis)

I saw presumably the same pair of Crested Goshawk which were displaying over the hills between Tung O and Sok Kwu Wan.

Also there are a small group of Eyebrowed Thrush in the woods near to Mo Tat, and I was lucky to find this Narcissus Flycatcher deep in the jungle behind the new village at Mo Tat

A Mountain Tailorbird has been singing behind Yung Shue Ha on my last two visits, and also the following bird calling (or singing?) behind Mo Tat village - any ideas?

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Hi Louis, yes I was there in the morning.

I go from Mo Tat to Tung O and back again to Mo Tat - I don't go over the hills to Sok Kwu Wan because I don't this this is habitat is as good.
I'm trying to do this at least once a week (although not for the next three weeks as I will be away).

I think the best territory is near human development - at the back of the villages in Mo Tat, Yung Shue Ha and Tung O. These have fung shui trees and old agricultural plots which birds prefer.