[Plovers] Leg Flag of Little Ringed Plover

Leg Flag of Little Ringed Plover

LV  7 Sept 2014


An excellent record. I think this is the first sighting of a flagged LRP in Hong Kong. We don't flag many here, so we don't know much about there movements in East Asia.

The combination of white over blue shows that this bird was flagged in Taiwan. It looks like there may be a letter/number combination on the blue flag - if you have more photos (or if anyone else gets any photos) it may be worth checking to see if the number can be read.


I have the other one ,but sorry for the poor photo


Thanks for the extra photo.
I saw the bird yesterday evening. Some of the mud had washed off, so I was able to confirm the flag number - 5K.


I have received some information back about this bird. It was flagged only six weeks ago, and about 500km from Long Valley.

Details are:

Species: Little Ringed Plover
Band: B26876
Date: 2014/7/28
Site: Xiyuan, Kinmen County(Taiwan) (118.4034oE 24.5065oN)
Flag combo: White / Blue (5K) on left tibia, metal band on right tibia
Bander: Wen, Yin-Chen


A sighting reported from Wetland Park Volunteer Eric YU.
Photo took by his wife Alena on 04/09/2014 about 07:38 at Kwu Tung near Sheung Yue River.
And see the bird again on 6&7/09/2014 at same place.


EricYU_2014-0904_0738_LV.jpg (177.21 KB)

11/09/2014 14:39