[Hong Kong] A ringed bird at MP Board Walk Mudflat

A ringed bird at MP Board Walk Mudflat

Date : 2014-12-25 ~2PM
Place : MPNR Board Walk Mudflat

Seems to be a Grey Plover.

Information of rings:
a) Upper : white marked "DE"
b) Lower : yellow marked "P5"

How to read the ring information? Where does it come from?

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The letter of upper flag and lower flag should be same.
More information, please read this post : ... &extra=page%3D1
And report your sighting once more time on above post will be helpful.


Thank you for the information and link (thus its links). It was the first time we tried to look at the flags. Noted that the alphabet and the number should be the same on all flags. We shall try next time. The plover is indeed the one at the right hand side of my another post (