兩間浮屋暫停開放 17-01-2015 (Sat) Temporary closure of 2 floating hides

兩間浮屋暫停開放 17-01-2015 (Sat) Temporary closure of 2 floating hides




The 2015 WWF Big Bird Race will take place on Saturday 17 January. This annual event is important to raise fund for our wetland management works at Mai Po. Fund raised this year will be used to upgrade the southern floating hide.

In order to facilitate the race and ensure public safety, we need to close off two of the floating bird-watching hides on Saturday 17 January. Two hides will be closed for use by BBR participants only, as shown on the attached map in red. If you intend to visit the mudflat on that day, please only use the other hides (shown in green). All hides will be open again as usual on the following day.

Sorry for any inconvenience or disruption this may cause. If you require any further information please telephone the WWF Mai Po Office on 2471-6212.


WWF HK Big Bird Race 2015

As mentioned above, it's WWF HK's Big Bird Race on 17th January (THIS Saturday).

Funds raised will be to maintain the hides many of us use frequently at Mai Po.  Although this isn't an HK BWS event, I urge all true birders to get involved and sponsor a team.

HKBWS members are taking part, as you can see here:

If you can't decide who to sponsor, the "Deadset Drongoes" are a very fine team ... 002&pkcode=9100

But I'm not biased, honestly !

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