[Hong Kong] Trip to TPK

Trip to TPK

Successful trip to TPK 20/1/2015
But a few I coudln't ID. Help please!
1) Some kind of warbler?

2) ? (but i notice a small touch of red at the back)

3) I think it's a an olive backed pipit, but it was right up the top of the mountain so wanted to double check

Also seen both Golden fronted and orange bellied leaf birds.
Pair of grey throated minivets
Many grey cheeked fulvettas
100's chestnut bulbuls
Greater necklaced laughing thrush


Pic 1 Brownish-flanked bush warbler- but these are tricky just from one picture but in that location very likely.
Pic 2 female scarlet-backed flowerpecker
Pic 3 Olive-backed pipit

Golden-fronted leafbird is very unusual- could it have been female orange-bellied?



Thanks for your help Dylan.
Here is a pic I got of the leafbird.

There was a big crowd around the special tree with the flower blossom that they like!
I think you know where it is near the start of the trails.
It reckon you would get amazing pics with a better camera!


It is a Blue-winged Leafbird, which I believe have been around for more then a year now, I have seen it from time to time.
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Thanks for all advice.
I just presumed it was golden fronted as there were only 2 types of leafbird pictured in the book.
The blue winged and golden fronted look quite similar obviously!
So has the golden fronted been seen at TPK?
Any pics to show difference?

Thanks again.


They do look a bit similar, Golden-fronted lacks the blue wings and forehead is bright orange instead of yellow. Obviously both birds are out of it's natural range, closest natural range from SW Yunan, making them likely as escapes in HK. I believe as with many caged birds found in bird market in Hong Kong, a lot came from Burma.
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