[Hong Kong] 一人一信Support Po Toi Country Park! Deadline 27 April 2015!

Thanks for your comments Gary

After the attempt to construct a columbarium on Po Toi, Planning Department were asked to produce a Development Plan for Po Toi. Their proposal can be seen in the map above.

The proposed R(D) zone (Residential Group D) around the Ferry Pier in the above map is a completely new zoning. R(D) is a zone where the intention is development rather than preservation.
We strongly oppose this zoning in such an important area. We believe the correct zoning should be CA or Conservation Area. We have made this objection in person to the Planning Department but it appears they are determined to create a development zone in this area.

If this happens, we believe that a Country Park designation for the whole Island, which would then be under the control of AFCD, is the only way to ensure that any development is conservation oriented. We are not against development on Po Toi (e.g. the proposed YMCA camp) provided it preserves the current environment, and particularly the tall trees in the area of the Ferry Pier and surrounding the Village zone. The recent record of the Ijima's Warbler in these trees is a great example of why these trees are important.

I hope this explains points (1) to (6) above in our response but comments are very welcome.

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Thanks Sze.

We have updated this report as part of our submission to Planning Department and I think Chuan will shortly be posting the latest version to the website.



Thanks John.

I hope everyone follows your example and sends the message to Town Planning Department.


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Yes, good question Sze.

By definition, these must be HK First Records. Looking through the HK First Record list since Avifauna (1998), the Po Toi First Records not seen elsewhere are

Orange-breasted Green Pigeon
Brown Noddy
Ruddy Kingfisher
Common Cuckoo
Hodgson's Redstart
Masked Booby
Red-throated Thrush
Brown-backed Needletail
Whistling Green Pigeon
Rosy Minivet
Crow-billed Drongo

and surely to come Ijima's Leaf Warbler.

All these have occurred since 2006 and all the land birds were in the central area of Po Toi.
All have been listed in our submission to TPD.

This count of 12 equals that of MPNR since 1998 so Po Toi is a location surely worth preserving.


PS I understand that at least seven species of flycatcher were seen on Po Toi yesterday on the HKBWS boat trip. They were Grey-headed, Narcissus, Ferruginous, Asia Brown, Grey-streaked, Red-throated and Red-breasted. Not an unusual number at this time of the year on Po Toi (I have had nine in one day) and again all in the central area.
Where else in Hong Kong can you get such a number in such a small area? - maybe Tai Po Kau only.

So please don't forget to send in your support to protect Po Toi to TPD - see the first posting above in this thread.
Today is the last day for submission.

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Yes Sze, the combined R(D) and V zone.

Thanks for the reference to the RTHK program, we were looking for it.