Trival question - expectation management of my UK friends

Trival question - expectation management of my UK friends

Two of my UK friends pass by Hong Kong and would love to go to Mai Po on 23 May.  I thought that that is passing the peak season of Mai Po in terms of bird watching.  Should I just say not much to see to manage their expectation.  Any advice?


I guess so, but you might come across some spring passage migrants, and there are still quite some resident birds to see.

Depending on whether your friends are serious bird watchers looking for specific species here, or they are looking for a general perspective of birds in Hong Kong. So, there are other choices of interest you can talk about when going to Maipo, like:

1. Overall perspective of birds statics in Hong Kong, how does this compared with other parts of the world, say China, England, world, ...
2. What habitats we have here in attracting all these birds?
3. The birding seasons, and the birding hot spots. With the help of a map of the colony, you get a long list to show.
4. History of Maipo, what it was and what it is, ...
5. Which organizations are active in bird watching and environmental protection? What activities they organize year round in achieving their mission?
6. Birding watching in China, particularly the recently announced nationwide bird watching campaign.
7 ....

Last but not the least, it is up to your choice to make your friends' visit enjoyable and memorable.



Although 23rd May will be after the peak migration season, I think that you can expect to see some birds.

Some of the shorebirds migrate surprisingly late, for example Grey-tailed Tattler, and these may be present in good numbers. Other shorebirds may not be breeding this year, and could still be present at Mai Po - there are currently still good numbers of sand plovers and stints. Swinhoe's Egrets are still passing through and could be around on your visit, and perhaps even some late landbird migrants (e.g. Arctic Warbler)

Meanwhile, there will be some other birds to see there. In particular, the egretry that has formed this year in Gei wai #14 should be very active at that time, hopefully with lots of chicks to see. There are some Black-winged Stilts and even Avocets looking at possible nest sites now, which you should see. There is still a flock of Black-faced Spoonbills at Mai Po. White-shouldered Starlings are breeding again in the car park, and should be easy to see during the visit.

If your friends are hoping to see huge flocks of thousands of birds you may need to limit their expectations, but if they are happy to see some species that they would not see in the UK, they should still have a good day out on the reserve.


Thanks all.  Many good advices.  

Book the mangrove tour in Cantonese.  Would be translator for my wife and our british friends.



They were quite impressive about the place.  It is pouring rain and the tide is very high.  Saw practically no bird.  Saw a rat in the bird house, the lady are not very impressive of that.  

But the whole place ...