[Oversea] Part 6. Seabirds

Part 6. Seabirds

Sooty Shearwater (note the "flash" pattern of underwing, the bill is black and small, do not like to follow boats)

Great Shearwater (distinct pattern; usually prefer warmer waters at that region)

White-chinned Petrel (note the yellow bill and white chin, no black tip, larger than Sooty Shearwater, pale wing tip of underwing, like to follow boats)

Antarctic Prion (note the black pattern behind the eye)

Soft-plumaged Petrel (note the dark underwing, white belly and the dark pattern of "M" of the upperpart)

Blue Petrel (note the white tail tip)

Southern Giant Petrel (note the green bill tip, like to follow boats)

Northern Giant Petrel (note the red bill tip)

Light-mantled Sooty Albatross (a very elegant bird)

Grey-headed Albatross (medium size)

Black-browed Albatross (medium size, prefers open sea not too far from the shore)

Wandering Albatross (very large, note the pink "ear", no black cutting edge between mandibles)

Southern Royal Albatross (note the cutting edge between the mandibles, pale colour along the front wing edge)

Still southern royal albatross (cutting edge = black line along the mandibles, the wings are not completely in black)

Southern Fulmar (very easy to take close photos)

Grey-backed Storm Petrel (a very small seabird)

Wilson's Storm Petrel (very common during the trip)

Black-bellied Storm Petrel (note distinct pattern of the belly)

Snowy Sheathbill (nickname of this trip - chicken)

Imperial /Blue-eyed Shag

Antarctic Tern

Snow Petrel

Cape Petrel (very common, like to follow boats very much, from certain pt of view, they remind me Tree Sparrows in city parks)

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