Dongsha Atoll - bird study 東沙島留棲鳥類及過境鳥類族群調查

Dongsha Atoll - bird study 東沙島留棲鳥類及過境鳥類族群調查

Dec 2015

Streaked Shearwater ... Wedge-tailed Shearwater... Bulwer's Petrel....

With Eng Abstract ... %AA%BF%E6%9F%A5.pdf

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Thanks for posting this, Captain


Agree - very interesting.

I think the list of species on pages 61 to 66 looks a really interesting summary.
Can someone translate the 5 lines of coding at the end on page 66 please?


Remark 1
Nomenclature follows Taiwan Annotated checklist (Wild Bird Society of Republic of China, 2014)

Remark 2
Bird species with yellow highlights refer to new record to Dongsha. Bolded ones are those can be seen all year round.

Remark 3
Status: T (migrant), W (winter visitor), V (vagrant) and 海 (seabird)

Remark 4
The record of the streaked shearwater (Calonectris leucomelas) was just a dead individual. Therefore it is marked as “black dot”

Remark 5
(thin and thick lines): less than 10 individuals were recorded on that month
(shaded lines): 11-30 individuals were recorded on that month
(Black bar) More than 30 individuals were recorded on that month


Thanks Captain, that's very helpful.

I'm a bit surprised that the only Streaked Shearwater record they have is a dead one! It's really the commonest shearwater in Hong Kong.
I'll look through their records and compare with ours, see if there are other differences.


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They have brown-eared Bulbul and Goldcrest!!!!!! Also, Two pittas!!!!

Probably it is a land-based survey.

BTW, Chalmer (1978) reported 60 streaked shearwaters 6.5 km off the Lema Islands in aug 1977

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Passerines like Brown-eared Bulbuls or Goldcrest could well have been ship assisted migrants, a friend of mine from UK saw a Goldcrest in a small bush at Zhuhai pier a few years back, the fact that it was found at a pier make it highly probable to be ship assisted. Maybe time to go birding around Kwai Chung Container Terminal...
As The Crow Flies- a Hong Kong Birding Blog


Records of Merlin in Sept, Oct and Nov


For Brown-eared Bulbul, just learnt from the internet that they are migratory spp and their distribution can be down to the islands between Taiwan and the Philippines. So, they may arrive Dongsha by nature.


A few that caught my eye:
Upland buzzard (I'm very surprised by this on a small offshore island!)
White-browed crake
Ryukyu minivet
Several sightings of Asian glossy starling

Also, I wonder what the presence of Eurasian collared dove might suggest about movements of that species in the area?


I can't get to this Taiwan site from mainland China. Can somebody mail me the pdf file? Thanks.

Thanks for help from members who read this message, I got the files already.
HF Cheung

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