[Hong Kong] Help ID please

Help ID please

Tai Mo Shan

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Looks like it could be a juvenile mountain tailorbird.



That is my initial guess. However, No adult mountain tailorbird around.

Thanks for reply!


It looks more like a juvenile Brown-flanked Bush Warbler to me - the upperparts are quite brownish, the supercilium is not very well marked and the legs look quite strong. I would also expect Mountain Tailorbird to have a longer and thinner bill.
Did it call? Both species are usually quite vocal.


Thanks ajohn a lot!

I agreed with ajohn that it was brown-flanked bush warbler.

It did make a few calls. The calls were weak and short. Just something like the call from combination of common tailorbird and dusky warble. I checked for more bird calls, I found one which was similar to that bird.
As no adult bird around, no typical call and song of mountain tailorbird / brown-flanked bush warbler.

I have no idea of juvenile call. Should the calls same as adult bird call?

The underpart of the bird in photo is yellowish. This yellowish colour is similar to mountain tailor bird. (Although colour of juvenile can be very different from adult) The shape of the head is longer and slimmer than brown-flanked bush warbler.

The bill shape is not matched with mountain tailorbird(thin and long), but I cannot get a better photo to show a better angle.

The upper part shows brownish instead of greenish. Since the bird is photographed in a shadow of a bush and it is a juvenile, I am not sure about this.

The legs seems very strong in photo 1, but not in the other photos.

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