Photographs for the 2017 HK Bird Report

Photographs for the 2017 HK Bird Report

We are about to publish the 2016 HK Bird Report and are now looking for photographs to include in the 2017 HK Bird Report.

As usual, we are looking for good photographs, taken in Hong Kong in 2017, and for some common species so anyone who takes photographs may be able to contribute.
The commoner species we are looking for in 2017 are

Black-crowned Night Heron  夜鷺
Grey Heron  蒼鷺
Great Cormorant  普通鸕鷀
Crested Serpent Eagle  蛇鵰
Common Moorhen  黑水雞
Eurasian Coot  骨頂雞
Whimbrel  中杓鷸
Common Redshank  紅腳鷸
Wood Sandpiper  林鷸
Common Tern  普通燕鷗
Spotted Dove  珠頸斑鳩
Large Hawk Cuckoo  大鷹鵑
House Swift 小白腰雨燕
Rose-ringed Parakeet  紅領綠鸚鵡
Red-whiskered Bulbul  紅耳鵯
Chinese Bulbul  白頭鵯
Arctic Warbler  極北柳鶯
Plain Prinia  純色鷦鶯
Black-collared Starling  黑領椋鳥
Grey Wagtail  灰鶺鴒

If you have good photos of any of these species, taken in Hong Kong in 2017, or any other species you think we may be interested in, please send them to me at

Please also add the date and location of the photograph.

At this stage, we would like jpgs of smallish size, say about 500x500 pixels, in jpg format. If we want to use them, we may ask for larger photos.
But they must be taken in HK in 2017.

Any questions please ask

Geoff welch
Editor, HKBR

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