Walk For Nature 2019 步走大自然

Walk For Nature 2019 步走大自然

WWF Hong Kong will hold it's annual Walk for Nature fundraising event at Mai Po on 2nd and 3rd November 2019.

The Walk for Nature is one of WWF's major public outreach and fundraising events, highlighting the importance of conservation to participants by providing a first-hand experience of wetlands and wildlife.

Please check this website for the route for the event: ... course_description/ . This year some participants will be joining guided tour into the floating boardwalk. WWF staff and volunteers will be situated along the route to inform visitors about the wetlands at Mai Po and their importance for wildlife.

Please note:
- Hide #8 and the tower hide will be reserved from 09:00 - 17:00 for the event use on both days. Please use other bird hides.

- Rotary Club and Hong Kong Jockey Club Floating Bird hides will be reserved from 09:00 – 17:00 for the event use on both days. Please use other floating bird hides.

- The Car Park will not be accessible for public vehicles, and will be reserved for events related to the Walk for Nature and coaches bringing participants to the event. If you are planning to visit the reserve on the dates mentioned above, we advise you to take public transport.

- Our shuttle bus service between the Long Ping Visitor Centre and Mai Po Nature Reserve will be suspended on 2 & 3 Nov.

We apologize for any inconvenience to regular visitors to the reserve, but the event is an important part of the WWF  to raise money and promote the conservation message to members of the public.

Please contact at 6439-0461 if you need further information.

Visitor Experience Team, Mai Po



有關步行路線,參加者可瀏覽以下網站: ... course_description/。小部分參加者由導賞員帶領參觀浮橋及浮屋。屆時,基金會將會有工作人員在保護區不同位置為公眾介紹濕地及保育訊息。


- 位於#8號觀鳥屋及三層觀鳥屋將於兩天活動09:00-17:00期間預留作此活動用途。各觀鳥人士請使用其他觀鳥屋。

- 扶輪社及賽馬會觀鳥浮屋將於兩天活動09:00-17:00期間預留作此活動用途。各觀鳥人士請使用其他觀鳥屋。

- 活動進行期間,由於需要安排位置給公眾集合及旅遊巴士使用,訪客中心外的停車場將會封閉,只供當天活動使用,如各位當天需要到米埔觀鳥,請盡量使用公共交通工具。

- 往返朗屏訪客中心及米埔自然保護區的接駁巴士將會於11月2 及3日暫停服務。

若為閣下構成任何不便,本會謹此致歉, 希望各位明白此活動對基金會籌款及宣掦保育意識甚為重要。