Birds of HK art - help needed

Birds of HK art - help needed

I'm an HK-based artist and I'm creating a series of watercolor pictures of birds of HK, concentrating on endangered species. This first version contains birds listed as CR, EN, and VU, around 36 birds. I would like to self publish a little booklet showcasing my work, and I would like to add some information about each bird. Some of the info should include where these birds could be found in HK. It should be a small blurb that I would also translate to German and Spanish, and my wife will do the Chinese version.

I am very inexperienced as a bird watcher, and most of my knowledge is from online or from books. So, I'm looking for people who would like to revise or add to the text in the book.

I may add a hand-drawn map of HK indicating where these birds could be observed, maybe color-coded for the time of the year.

Please send me a PM if you would like to help.



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30/10/2020 15:14

A sample of the paintings