Public Mai Po facilities access control notice (Updated)

Public Mai Po facilities access control notice (Updated)





•        三層觀鳥屋和教育中心的開放予公眾人士時間為09:00至16:30 。在這些時間以外,擁有米埔設施通行卡的人士可全日使用該等設施。
•        AFCD和WWF員工以及相關的研究人員可全日使用該等設施。
•        邊境禁區許可證持有人已同時獲得米埔設施通行卡,可全日使用該等設施。其他米埔沼澤區許可證持有人欲索取或申請米埔設施通行卡,可於米埔連事處申請。該卡兩年的費用為150元。




MP Facilities Update
1 May 2021

Dear Mai Po visitors,
The new MP facilities access control is related to the installation of equipment for upgrade of Tower Hide #1 which is now provided with solar power for electrical fans and stair lighting. In future, public WIFI will also be provided for visitors.

Also at MPEC, we are in the process of installing a new wetlands exhibition that will be opened in end of 2021 require greater control of facilities access due to the value of the equipment in the exhibition during non office hour. Below are the new arrangements:
•        Tower Hide 1 and Education Centre will be accessible from 09:00 to 16:30. Outside of these hours, the facilities will be closed. But all persons granted MP Facilities Access can access to Tower Hide #1 around the clock;
•        At MPEC, only AFCD  and WWF Staff and closely associated researchers can access around the clock;
•        FCA Permit Holders have already been given MP Facilities Access and thus can access Tower Hide #1 around the clock. Other Mai Po Marshes Entry Permit holders wishing to do this can apply for MP Facilities access cards separately at MP site safety cabin. These cards will cost $150 for two years access.

The above new arrangements will start on 1st May 2021. Should you have any enquiry, please telephone the WWF Mai Po Office on 6439-0461.

WWF Mai Po Visitor Experience Team

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Wwf,,,,no money no birding


WWF....No Money No Toilet...


Look forward to the outstanding maintenance and habitat flourishing works


There used to be a lookout (balcony) in the Education Centre for birding, will it be opened to the public after renovation?


Good-bye WWFHK

I was a long standing supporter to WWF... has involved in the Big Bird Race since 1996.

At that time, we frequently heard conservation plans about Mai Po from WWFHK (BFS studies, the buffalo trial etc) .... But nowadays, business plans have replaced conservation plans. The above "admission plan" is a good example. Another good example is the little known "hotel-like" redevelopment at Peter Scott Field Centre.

Not to mention the shocking news of suspected illegal excavation along Tam Kon Chau Road.

I know HK is changing rapidly. I may be out-dated.

Anyway, bye-bye WWFHK

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$150 for a toilet

WWF really a business

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