[Oversea] Birding in Ecuador (June 2017) Part II: Birds of the Galápagos Islands

Birding in Ecuador (June 2017) Part II: Birds of the Galápagos Islands

Cactus Finch (male and female) 仙人掌地雀| 14 cm
Endemic; common resident

Small Ground Finch (male and female)小地雀 | 11 cm
Endemic; abundant and widespread resident

Medium Ground Finch (male and female) 中地雀| 12.5 cm
Endemic; abundant and widespread resident

Large Ground Finch (female) 大地雀| 16 cm
Endemic; uncommon resident

Warbler Finch鶯雀 | 10 cm
Endemic; common and widespread resident

Galápagos Dove 加拉巴哥哀鴿|18-23 cm
Endemic; common resident

Galápagos Flycatcher (Large-billed Flycatcher) 大嘴蠅霸鶲| 16 cm
Endemic; common resident

Galápagos Hawk 加拉巴哥鵟| 55 cm (wingspan c. 120 cm)
Endemic; resident and sedentary; vulnerable

Galápagos Mockingbird 加拉巴哥嘲鶇| 25 cm
Endemic; common resident

Hood Mockingbird (or Española Mockingbird) 冠嘲鶇| 28 cm
Endemic; common resident

Short-eared Owl短耳鴞 | 34-42 cm (wingspan 90-105 cm)
Endemic subspecies galapagoensis; uncommon resident

Yellow Warbler (male and juvenile) 黃林鶯| 12 cm

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American Oystercatcher美洲蠣鴴 | 40-44 cm
Endemic subspecies galapagensis; uncommon resident

Blue-footed Booby藍腳鰹鳥 | 76-84 cm (wingspan c. 152 cm)
Endemic subspecies excisa; common resident

Red-footed Booby 紅腳鰹鳥 | 66-77 cm (wingspan 91-101 cm)
Common but rather localized resident; two color forms: brown (95%) and white

Nazca Booby 橙嘴藍臉鰹鳥 | 81-92 cm (wingspan c. 152 cm)
Common resident

Brown Pelican褐鵜鶘 | 117-132 cm (wingspan 203-228 cm)
Endemic; common resident

Common Noddy 玄燕鷗 | 38-45 cm (wingspan 75-86 cm)
Endemic subspecies galapagensis; common resident

Galápagos Heron (or Lava Heron) (adult) 加拉巴哥綠簑鷺 | 38-43 cm (wingspan 63 cm)
Endemic; common resident

Great Blue Heron大藍鷺 | 104-127 cm (wingspan c. 175 cm)
Endemic subspecies cognata; resident

Yellow-crowned Night-heron (adult and Juvenile) 黃頂夜鷺 | c. 60 cm (wingspan c. 100 cm)
Endemic subspecies pauper; fairly common resident

Galápagos Pintail (or White-cheeked Pintail) 白臉針尾鴨| 46 cm
Endemic subspecies galapagensis; fairly common resident

Great Frigatebird (male, female and juvenile) 軍艦鳥 | 86-100 cm (wingspan 203-230 cm)

Magnificent Frigatebird (male, female and juvenile) 華麗軍艦鳥| 96.5-106.5 cm (wingspan 217-244 cm)
Endemic subspecies magnificens; resident; numerous and widespread

Red-billed Tropicbird 紅嘴熱帶鳥| 90-105 cm (wingspan 99-106 cm)
Common resident

Ruddy Turnstone 翻石鷸 | 21-26 cm
Common migrant

Semipalmated Plover 半蹼鴴 | 18 cm
Fairly common migrant

Swallow-tailed Gull (adult and juvenile) 燕尾鷗| 53.5-58.5 cm (wingspan c. 130 cm)
Endemic; common resident

Waved Albatross加拉巴哥信天翁 | 85-93 cm (wingspan 230-240 cm)
Endemic; localized resident; near-threatened

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Thank you.


Galapagos Birds

Great set of photos !  There’s such a lot to see in the Galapagos Islands...Thanks for sharing these


My pleasure.   There are indeed a lot to see on the Galápagos islands - not only birds, but also other amazing animals such as Sally Lightfoot crabs and marine iguanas.


What an amazing collection. Splendid photos!


Thanks.  That's very kind.