Bird Collision Monitoring Campaign needs your participation and support!

Bird Collision Monitoring Campaign needs your participation and support!

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Back in September 2021 we first took part in the Global Bird Rescue campaign back in September 2021. Since then, we kept encouraging the general public to submit bird collision cases through the real-time online platform of Global Bird Collision Mapper (the Platform). In the autumn of 2022, we recruited our first batch of volunteer to conduct regular monitoring surveys at five locations.

Thanks to the efforts made by our volunteers and the general public, we can gather more bird collision data through the online platform, and so far we have collected more than 200 cases as of the end of 2022. More bird collision black spots are being discovered and we have proactively contacted the corresponding property management of 8 locations in hope of improving the current situation. As of January 2023, only three parties have responded and have taken/ have committed to take bird collision mitigation measures.

This year, we initiated the “Bird Collision monitoring Campaign” and hope to raise awareness on bird collision among the public and to work towards a bird-friendly city. With these two objectives, we will continue to strive for the reduction of bird collision black spots in Hong Kong through public education, extensive monitoring and policy advocacy. We have to take actions now and your support is needed!

1. Report bird collision cases (Click Here)
Pay attention to the environment and things around you. If you come across a wild bird that is suspected to be injured or killed by window strike, please upload the date of bird strike, the GPS location, photos of the bird(s) involved and the surrounding environment to the real-time online platform Global Bird Collision Mapper.

2. Donate now to redeem the limited edition "Anti Bird Collision” T-shirt (Click Here)
Donations from the general public can directly support our monitoring and advocacy work. Redeem the “Anti Bird Collision” T-shirt with donations of HKD400 or more, and bring this conservation message on the streets by wearing it in your own way!

*****We will publish our first preliminary report on bird collision soon. Stay tuned!