Lesser White-fronted Geese 落馬洲小白額雁

Lesser White-fronted Geese 落馬洲小白額雁

Two Lesser White-fronted Geese (Anser erythropus) were seen at Lok Ma Chau today in the area of fishponds managed for KCRC.

This is the first record for the species in Hong Kong. The area where the birds have been are private area without public access and members of the public/Society are requested not to enter the site unaccompanied.

A site visit will be carried out to check whether the birds are still present early tomorrow morning (7th Nov 2006). If they are, arrangements for visiting the site will be organised with KCRC. Interested parties please call the AEC office at 2486 2885 after 9am. Good luck.

今天在落馬洲九廣鐵路管理的漁塘上發現兩隻小白額雁(Anser erythropus),此乃為這品種於香港的第一個紀錄。
由於這是私人地方,公眾在未得到九廣鐵路的許可下不能擅自進入。明天早上將有職員到場查看,若牠們還未離開,將會與九鐵安排公眾人仕內進觀鳥,請於上午九時後致電AEC查詢,電話 2486 2885。 祝各位好運。


Date: 06-Nov-2006
Time: around 4:30pm
Place taken: Lok Ma Chau (managed area)
Apparatus: Leica APO telescope + Nikon 4500 coolpix
photo taken by: Kwok Tsai


The site at Lok Ma Chau was visited again this morning (Tuesday) and unfortunately the geese were not found. A site visit is therefore not being organised this morning.

The site will be checked again this afternoon in case the birds return. If they are present a visit will be arranged with KCRC. Anyone wishing to see the birds is advised to call the AEC office (2486 2885) after 3:00 this afternoon to check whether the birds have been seen.


Unfortunately it looks as though the geese may have gone.  However if they are found again we will try to make sure that everyone has a chance to see them - so long as they have their own FCA permit. If they are present on Friday we will arrange a Saturday morning visit for those who can't get to LMC during the week.

Mike Leven


Oh... I just hope the birds come back soon and so many birdwatchers could have chance to see it during the weekend.

Anyway, enjoy a photo of these birds.


6 Nov 2006, Lok Ma Chau, Canon 20D, 400/5.6, largely cropped


LWFGoose copy1.jpg (0 Bytes)

7/11/2006 13:49

LWFGoose copy1.jpg


The geese have been found again at Lok Ma Chau this afternoon - it is not known where they were this morning!

Unfortunately it will not be possible to organise a visit this afternoon or tomorrow morning however a visit will be organised for tomorrow afternoon (Weds 8th Nov). The trip will be organised to depart from the Mai Po car park at 4:00, from where people will be escorted up to the site at Lok Ma Chau. Please note that this is within the Frontier Closed Area, so all participants are required to have an FCA permit valid for the Lok Ma Chau area.

If you would like to visit the site to see the birds, please contact the AEC office (2486 2885) in advance so that we have an idea of the number of people involved. If the birds remain, further trips will be organised, including a visit on Saturday for those who are unable to attend during the week.


The Lesser White-fronted Geese and the Pallas's Reed Bunting are still present at LMC today (8th November).

The escorted visit will go ahead at 4 pm today.

If you want to join the visit please note the following:

- you must have your own FCA permit
- please contact the AEC office 2486 2885 as we need to know numbers
- meet at Mai Po Car Park at 4 pm.

Good luck!

Mike Leven


The Lesser White-fronted Geese and the Pallas's Reed Bunting were seen today. Thanks to all for organizing the visit. Special thanks to Mr. Geoff Carey and Mr. Mike Turnbull for leading the field visit.

Some photos of the Geese was posted in the following link:


Goose and/or Bunting at LMC

The geese are still on site today.
With permission from KCRC, AEC has made arrangements  to let people with their own FCA permit to go on site tomorrow afternoon, meeting at the Mai Po car park at 3:45pm.
The bunting is at a different pond and there will be a chance to go and look for it.
As we need to know how many people will be going, please call up the AEC office (2486 2885) during office hours or Mike (2855 0235) after 6pm.