Birder Visiting HK

Birder Visiting HK

I am a UK bird watcher and photographer and will be coming to HK in 2 weeks time on business. However, I have built some free time into the trip for birding.

I have organised permits for 2 days at Mai Po (Nov 15th and 17th). However, I am also free on Nov 16th, Nov 18th, Nov 21st and Nov 23rd and would like to visit a few other birding sites. I have a list that I have drawn up from information on the internet but I am not sure of the practicalities of getting to other bird sites.

Does the HK Bird Watching Society have any sort of buddy scheme where local birders host visitors? I have done this is the USA and I have also hosted other birders here in the UK. I could rent a car and try to find places myself but local knowledge is so important and you can waste a lot of time if you do not know where the best sites are.  

I am staying at a hotel in Yuen Long for the first part of my stay (Nov 14-18) and then the HK Island for the second part (Nov 18-24). Some of the places that may be worth a visit are Long Valley, Nam Sang Wei, Tai Po Kau, Kadoorie Farm, Kap Lung Forest Trail and Tai Mo Shan. I am especially interested in places that would lend themselves to bird photography.   

Any help or advice from HKBWS members would be welcome.

Kind regards

Dr. Paul E. Bowden
Cardiff University