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But the cat in the photo is feral, not part of the nature - just like a dog attacking barking deer. We should stop this.

Among cats, only the Leopard cat is native and plays an role in local ecology. Captain


I have no objection here to take this set of photos.

my concern is feral animals in HK. Have you seen porcupines slaughtered by local dogs? Have you seen pregnant barking deer killed by local dogs? I have seen it before so I cannot share your views.

In many parts of the world, for instance Australia, feral dogs and cats are considered as pests as (1) they catch a lot of wildlife as prey and (2) they display the native predators.   

Local wildlife killed by feral dogs
Masked Palm Civet

Porcupines and barking deer (bottom webpage) ... bgupdate.htm#index4

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http://ecologicalproblems.blogsp ... gical-problems.html
Feral dogs cause extinction of two native carnivores from mainland Australia - the thylacine and the Tasmanian Devil ... mp;sts=&lang=EN
Cat is considered as one of the top 100 invasive species. They do kill wild birds!

So do look after your dogs and cats.



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Just a view for consideration. No worry. Captain