[Outing] 8/11/2009 大埔滘觀鳥活動 Tai Po Kau Outing

8/11/2009 大埔滘觀鳥活動 Tai Po Kau Outing

8/11/2009 大埔滘觀鳥活動  Tai Po Kau Outing
Activity Information
Details of the Tai Po Kau Outing to be held on 8 Nov 2009 as below:-

Date: 8/11/2009 Sunday
Gathering place: 08:00 Tai Po Kau car park
Time: 8:00 - 12:00
Target Species: Forest birds
Leader: Dr. Cheung Ho Fai
For the details of the gathering place, please visit: ... &extra=page%3D1

Free of Charge for all members.
HK$30 for non-member.

**No registration is required **
The Activities Enquiry Hotline for contacting outing leaders at the event date only: 9457 3196.

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society shall have no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for expenditure or other liabilities arising from the activities.


有關集合地點的詳細資料,請瀏覽: ... &extra=page%3D1

會員: 免費
非會員: 港幣$30

** 不用報名 **
活動查詢熱線/當天與領隊聯絡電話:9457 3196



About 20 people join the outing today.  There were many new faces.

Here is the birdlist.
HKBWS Tai Po Kau outing, 8 Nov 2009                       
022        池鷺        Chinese Pond Heron        Tick
194        珠頸斑鳩        Spotted Dove        Tick
257        灰鶺鴒        Grey Wagtail        Tick
260        樹鷚        Olive-backed Pipit        Tick
265        暗灰鵑鵙        Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike        Tick
268        灰喉山椒鳥        Grey-chinned Minivet        Tick
269        赤紅山椒鳥        Scarlet Minivet        Tick
270        紅耳鵯        Red-whiskered Bulbul        Tick
271        白頭鵯        Chinese Bulbul        Tick
272.8        綠翅短腳鵯        Mountain Bulbul        Tick
273        栗背短腳鵯        Chestnut Bulbul        Tick
275        橙腹葉鵯        Orange-bellied Leafbird        Tick
298        紫嘯鶇        Blue Whistling Thrush        Tick
309.5        小鱗胸鷦鶥        Pygmy Wren Babbler        Tick
310        紅頭穗鶥        Rufous-capped Babbler        Tick
317        銀耳相思鳥        Silver-eared Mesia        Tick
319        藍翅希鶥        Blue-winged Minla        Tick
320        白腹鳳鶥        White-bellied Yuhina        Tick
346.9        金頭縫葉鶯        Mountain Tailorbird        Tick
347        長尾縫葉鶯        Common Tailorbird        Tick
354        黃眉柳鶯        Yellow-browed Warbler        Tick
361        冠紋柳鶯        Goodson’s Leaf Warbler        Tick
383        方尾鶲        Grey-headed Flycatcher        Tick
385        壽帶鳥        Asian Paradise Flycatcher        Tick
389        大山雀        Great Tit        Tick
390        黃頰山雀        Yellow-cheeked Tit        Tick
391        絨額鳾        Velvet-fronted Nuthatch        Tick
394        朱背啄花鳥        Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker        Tick
395        叉尾太陽鳥        Fork-tailed Sunbird        Tick
397        暗綠繡眼鳥        Japanese White-eye        Tick
439        灰卷尾        Ashy Drongo        Tick
755        灰眶雀鶥        Grey-cheeked Fulvetta        Tick

HF Cheung