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Foreign Trips Information and Recruitment


I'm an over-20-year member of the Society, is a retiree but find himself still in possession of strong
birding drive and physical fitness that hard birding requires.

At the moment, my main interest is in Malaysian birds but ready to accept other suggestions from fellow members who like to join me. Potential places are various, from Nepal to India, from Yunan to Jiangxi in China, Taiwan, etc.

How to join me

Chinese & Foreigners who can either speak English or Cantonese are welcome.

Just pm or send me an e-mail (mine is with your name, local contact telephone no., best showing me your main birding areas you are interested and periods of time available.

Sabah Trip
I'll be in Sabah from 12th October this year onwards for two weeks and intend to go birding in Kota Kinabalu or elsewhere for five/six days. Interested parties are welcome to join me (a group including me of four would be ideal).

Birding in Western Malaysia
From today's newspaper it's learned that Air Asia has return tickets available at HKD996 for Kuala Lumpur.

Booking period: 16-22 July 2012
Travel period: 4 Jan- 22 May 2013

Fellow members may contact me to show interst including period of time avalable. You may call me if you have my contact telephone nos.

Quick action is called for in this case. Details including sites and itinerary and transportation may be discussed and decided later. Deadline of reply by twentieth of July 2012, ie Friday this week or as soon as three others have joined.

This notice and arrangements therein are strictly personal and in no way being offical coming from HKBWS.
No contractual obligations will bind interested parties or anyone who have joined.

S L Tai
(Tai Sheung Lai)

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Dear all

So far a couple from Canada I know show interest to go to both Malaysia and Jiangxi in May, 2013.

Anymore who are interested?

S L Tai