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Subject: White Wagtail [Print This Page]

Author: akhan    Time: 14/10/2011 22:18     Subject: White Wagtail

At TSW: WLP (7D +600 +1.4 TC)

Image Attachment: White-Wagtail-193.4k.jpg (14/10/2011 22:18, 193.44 KB) / Download count 414

Author: AKKothiala    Time: 14/10/2011 22:56

Very nice, i have come from India, and want to do some bird watching and photography, can you guide me ..

thanks !
Author: ajohn    Time: 15/10/2011 07:39

Do you have any more pictures of this bird, with the wing closed or upperparts showing? It looks very pale grey above, with black centres to the coverts. It may be a candidate for baicalensis.

Lovely picture by the way.
Author: akhan    Time: 15/10/2011 14:29

Hi ajohn, here is another one:

Image Attachment: White-Wagtail-191.6k.jpg (15/10/2011 14:29, 191.69 KB) / Download count 427

Author: ajohn    Time: 15/10/2011 16:22

Hmmm. An interesting bird. The head pattern and small black breast patch possibly favour leucopsis. But the paleness of the back and lesser coverts, and the dark centres to median and greater coverts favour baicalensis. It's difficult to judge the extent of black in the rump/lower back which may help decide on ID.

I suggest you submit the photos to the Records Committee on an Unusual Record Form ( ... ies_report_form.doc).

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