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Subject: [Others 其他] Workshop on "Restoration, creation and enhancement of wetlands in HK& [Print This Page]

Author: ceva    Time: 20/06/2007 10:40     Subject: Workshop on "Restoration, creation and enhancement of wetlands in HK&


查詢詳情,請參閱活動簡介。欲報名參加的人士,請填妥報名表格,並傳真至2482 0369或電郵至 rci wc@w。報名截止日期為2007年7月11日。其它查詢,請致電3193 7509,聯絡卓宇媛小姐。


Workshop on "Restoration, creation and enhancement of wetlands in HK"

The Rotary Centennial Institute for Wetland Conservation will be co-organizing a workshop on “Restoration, creation and enhancement of wetlands in Hong Kong” with the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers on 14th Jul 2007 (Saturday) from 9:15am to 1pm.

Hong Kong’s has a diversity of wetlands habitat types but many are under severe pressure from development due to the small area of land in the territory. In the past, this pressure has often results in the loss of large areas of these wetland since there were often little incentive or interest to conserve or compensate for the wetland lost. In the past decade however, a range of techniques for the restoration, creation and enhancement of local wetlands have been developed to try and protect these disappearing habitats. We hope that through presentations and discussions in the workshop, we can enhance the knowledge, concern and understanding of engineers and the public about the importance of wetlands and techniques for their conservation. In this workshop, representatives from green groups, the private sector and Government have been invited to discuss their work on the restoration, creation and enhancement of wetlands in Hong Kong.

For more details, please refer to the program outline. For registration, please fill in the registration form and fax it to 2482 0369 or email to rci wc@ww  The deadline for application is 11th Jul 2007. For further enquiries, please contact Ms. Eva Cheuk at 3193 7509

Download program outline & registration form:

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