[Others 其他] World Wetlands Day 2007 世界濕地日 2007 (27 Jan 2007)

World Wetlands Day 2007 世界濕地日 2007 (27 Jan 2007)

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We shall have a presentation ceremony on 27 January 2007 for winners of competition and outstanding volunteers.  The event will be officiated by AFCD and Ramsar's Secretary General.

The 6 schools which participated in the 7th Inter-school Bird Race will also join and receive souvenir by Chairman of HKBWS.

We are having a small fun-fair near the entrance, and in the afternoon (14:00-16:00) of the same day, there will be a public lecture on CEPA at Wetland Centres (Communication, Educaiton, Public Awareness).  Speakers of the lectures include wetland centres' representative from Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Below is a flyer for members' information.  Please also visit the World Wetlands Daywebsite (click here) for further details.


Public Lecture on Communication, Education, and Public Awareness (CEPA)

The concept of "Community Education Public Awareness(CEPA)" was adopted in the Ramsar Conference of Parties (COP). It is now regarded as an important element for sustainable development, to effectively address the ecological, social, cultural and economic values of wetlands. It also requires the involvement of local communities for wetland conservation and sustainable use of wetlands. In this public lecture, our speakers from Singpore, Japan and Hong Kong will share with you examples of CEPA programme in wetland education centres in different regions.


Download here for application form: CEPA Wetland Education Centre - Application Form


Result of the World Wetlands Day 2007 has been reported at the Ramsar Convention Secretariat:

It includes a picture of one of the 6 winning teams in the "7th Inter-school Bird Race". The 'top' team spotted 66 species in 4 hours on the race day.

Some members has joined the photography competition, here are the winning photos:
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