[Others 其他] 3rd Asian Bird Fair 第三屆亞洲賞鳥博覽會

3rd Asian Bird Fair 第三屆亞洲賞鳥博覽會

3rd Asian Bird Fair 第三屆亞洲賞鳥博覽會

The 3rd Asian Bird Fair was held between 10th and 11th November at Bang Pu Recreation Centre in Thailand, which was organized by Bird Conservation Society of Thailand. The theme this year was “The Right to Live”. Over 50 local and overseas bird watching societies, conservation groups and other organizations participated in the bird fair. There were also bird-watching tours, photo and drawing competitions, talks, drama, music performance and traditional dance performance.
Wendy Yu and Vivian Fu represented our society to attend the bird fair.

本會代表:余秀玲, 傅詠芹

The four Mascot of the 3rd Asian Bird Fair are Black-faced Spoonbill  (EN), Spoon-billed Sandpiper (CR), Nordmann’s Greenshank (EN), Gurney’s Pitta (EN)

Booths 攤位

Music performance 音樂表演

Drama by kids 話劇

Hand-over ceremony (the next bird fair will be held in Taipei) 交接儀式(下屆觀鳥節會在台北舉行)