[Others 其他] 香港觀鳥日 2015 籌款及盈餘撥予中國沿海水鳥同步調查項目

香港觀鳥日 2015 籌款及盈餘撥予中國沿海水鳥同步調查項目

本會「香港觀鳥日 暨 觀鳥比賽籌款活動」截至4月18日共籌得港元$41,604-,連同觀鳥比賽扣除開資後的盈餘$10,096-,總款項 $51,700- 將用以支持中國沿海水鳥同步調查項目,本會非常感謝各捐贈者慷慨解囊。

Up to 18 April, Hong Kong Bird Watching Day Cum Bird Race Fundraising Event has raised a total of HK$41,604-.  Top-up with the surplus $10,096, bird race income after deduction of all expenses, a total amount of $51,700- will be allocated to support the China Coastal Waterbird Census. The society would like to express our gratitude to all race teams and donors for their generous supports to this key annual event.

公開挑戰組"籌款額最高"得獎隊伍 ~ "小逸雲雀"向本會送上巨型支票。
Challenger Team "Highest Donation Award" winner"小逸雲雀" presents the giant cheque to the Society.

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Here I would like to send my deepest gratitude on behalf of China Coastal Waterbird Census Team to all participants and donors.
香港觀鳥會 HKBWS