[Outing] (取消cancelled)14/3/2020 (六Sat) 米埔觀鳥活動 Mai Po Outing

While HKBWS is cancelling all activities including the 14 March trip to Mai Po,  WWF is organising activities in March, including a 14 March trip to Mai Po (and therefore closure of the northern bird hide for exclusive use by participants of the WWF activities).
As member of both HKBWS and WWF, I should have confidence in them and should believe that there must be good reasons for HKBWS and WWF to take their respective actions, which seem to be in the opposite direction.
雖然香港觀鳥會取消所有活動,包括3月14日前往米埔,但世界自然基金會在3月舉辦活動,包括3月14日前往米埔(因此關閉北部觀鳥屋,供世界自然基金會活動參與者專享使用)。 作為香港觀鳥會及世界自然基金會的成員,我應對他們有信心,並相信香港觀鳥會及世界自然基金會一定有充分理由採取各自行動,而這些行動似乎正好相反。[Chinese version translated by Microsoft Translator]

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