Appeal for photographs

Appeal for photographs

You may know that the Society has begun a project to revise and update 'The Avifauna of Hong Kong'. In its final version this will be published online around the middle of 2022. By making it a web-based resource, we hope that it will be more accessible and easier to update.

Where possible, the species accounts will be expanded beyond what was provided in the first Avifauna, and will include photographs and accompanying notes key to identification in the field. We are now appealing for photographers to provide photographs for inclusion in what is likely to become an important reference to birds in the region. Our wish is to include only photographs that were taken in Hong Kong, though we anticipate that for a small number of species this may be impractical. We know there are very many excellent photographs out there, and we hope that you will be excited to contribute to this project.

In order to streamline submission and reduce the time needed to process the photos, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Common and widespread species, photos of which are relatively easy to obtain: for these, we only want the highest quality photographs.

2. Species typically seen during a birdwatching year: for these, we encourage submission of good to high quality photos.

3. Rare or difficult to photograph species: for these we encourage submission of all good photos. Below there is a list of species for which the Society has no photographs.

4. Carry out your own editing process first so that you do not include multiple photographs of the same bird in similar postures.

5. Photographs of dependent juveniles are welcome if they are away from the nest.

6. Photographs of birds in flight are welcome.

7. Only submit photographs taken in Hong Kong.

8. Please remove all watermarks or similar things. Credit will be provided for each and every photo at the location of display.

Please note that submission of a photograph does not mean it will certainly be included. The criteria for inclusion is not only quality, but also includes such things as posture, angle, age, plumage and behaviour of the photographed bird.

Submission Process

1. The deadline of the photo submission period is the end of September.
2. Please rename photos in the following format before submission: (Species ID code)_(Photographer name)_(year/month the photo was taken). For example, a Christmas Frigatebird photo taken by Ben Lam in October 1998, should be renamed: 011_Ben_Lam_1998/10. To obtain the species number, please use the current issue of the HK List.
3. If the total file size is under 1GB, you can submit your photos through Google drive, Dropbox or any other sharing platform that can generate a download link for the Society. Please send the link to
4. If your photographs files size is exceed 1GB in total, we prefer that you submit your photos through USB or other external hard disk to the Society. If this is impractical, please get in touch and we will do what we can.
5. If you have previously submitted photos for other projects (e.g., Photographic Guide to the Birds of Hong Kong), there is no need to submit the same photos again. However, the Society will contact you to confirm that we can use the photos for this project.

Declaration: the photographs collected will only be used for publication of “The Avifauna of Hong Kong “.

Please don’t hesitate, and start submitting your photographs now!

Geoff Carey
Avifauna of HK Project Manager

The Society does not have photographs of the following species, and particularly welcomes their submission, even if the quality is not the highest:

Pacific  Loon太平洋潛鳥Gavia pacifica
Yellow-billed  Loon黃嘴潛鳥Gavia adamsii
Horned Grebe角鸊鷉Podiceps auritus
Streaked  Shearwater白額鸌Calonectris  leucomelas
Wedge-tailed  Shearwater楔尾鸌Ardenna pacificus
Bulwer's  Petrel褐燕鸌Bulweria bulwerii
Masked Booby藍臉鰹鳥Sula dactylatra
Japanese  Cormorant綠背鸕鷀Phalacrocorax  capillatus
Christmas  Frigatebird白腹軍艦鳥Fregata andrewsi
Great  Frigatebird黑腹軍艦鳥Fregata minor
Black Stork黑鸛Ciconia nigra
Black-headed  Ibis黑頭白鹮Threskiornis  melanocephalus
Whooper Swan大天鵝Cygnus cygnus
Green-winged  Teal美洲綠翅鴨Anas carolinensis
Philippine  Duck棕頸鴨Anas luzonica
Indian  Spot-billed Duck印缅斑嘴鴨Anas poecilorhyncha
Red-crested  Pochard赤嘴潛鴨Netta rufina
Stejneger's  Scoter斑臉海番鴨Melanitta stejnegeri
Black Scoter黑海番鴨Melanitta americana
Common  Goldeneye鵲鴨Bucephala clangula
Crested Honey  Buzzard鳳頭蜂鷹Pernis ptilorhynchus
Brahminy Kite栗鳶Haliastur indus
Cinereous  Vulture禿鷲Aegypius monachus
Hen Harrier白尾鷂Circus cyaneus
Northern  Goshawk蒼鷹Accipiter gentilis
Mountain  Hawk-Eagle鷹鵰Nisaetus nipalensis
Yellow-legged  Buttonquail黃腳三趾鶉Turnix tanki
Barred  Buttonquail棕三趾鶉Turnix suscitator
Common Crane灰鶴Grus grus
Western Water  Rail西方秧雞Rallus aquaticus
Band-bellied  Crake斑脇田雞Porzana paykullii
Brown Crake紅腳苦惡鳥Amaurornis akool
Lesser  Yellowlegs小黃腳鷸Tringa flavipes
Pectoral  Sandpiper斑胸濱鷸Calidris melanotos
Little Gull小鷗Hydrocoloeus minutus
Black-legged  Kittiwake三趾鷗Rissa tridactyla
Black Noddy玄燕鷗Anous minutus
Orange-breasted  Green Pigeon橙胸綠鳩Treron bicinctus
Wedge-tailed  Green Pigeon楔尾綠鳩Treron sphenurus
Whistling  Green Pigeon紅頂綠鳩Treron formosae
Northern  Hawk-Cuckoo北鷹鵑Hierococcyx  hyperythrus
Eastern Grass  Owl草鴞Tyto longimembris
Brown-backed  Needletail褐背針尾雨燕Hirundapus giganteus
Common Swift普通雨燕Apus apus
Ruddy  Kingfisher赤翡翠Halcyon coromanda
Collared  Kingfisher白領翡翠Todiramphus chloris
European  Roller藍胸佛法僧Coracias garrulus
Rufous-bellied  Woodpecker棕腹啄木鳥Dendrocopos  hyperythrus
Rufous  Woodpecker栗啄木鳥Micropternus  brachyurus
Grey-headed  Woodpecker灰頭綠啄木鳥Picus canus
Asian  Short-toed Lark亞洲短趾百靈Alaudala cheleensis
Oriental  Skylark小雲雀Alauda gulgula
Grey-throated  Martin灰喉沙燕Riparia chinensis
Pacific  Swallow洋斑燕Hirundo tahitica
Blyth's Pipit布氏鷚Anthus godlewskii
Pechora Pipit北鷚Anthus gustavi
Brown-eared  Bulbul栗耳短腳鵯Hypsipetes amaurotis
Hodgson's  Redstart黑喉紅尾鴝Phoenicurus hodgsoni
Pied Wheatear白頂(即鳥)Oenanthe pleschanka
Red-throated  Thrush赤頸鶇Turdus ruficollis
Naumann's  Thrush紅尾鶇Turdus naumanni
Marsh  Grassbird斑背大尾鶯Helopsaltes pryeri
Brown Bush  Warbler棕褐短翅鶯Locustella  luteoventris
Chinese Bush  Warbler中華短翅鶯Locustella  tacsanowskia
Paddyfield  Warbler稻田葦鶯Acrocephalus agricola
Blunt-winged  Warbler鈍翅葦鶯Acrocephalus  concinens
Thick-billed  Warbler厚嘴葦鶯Arundinax aedon
Willow Warbler歐柳鶯Phylloscopus  trochilus
Common  Chiffchaff嘰喳柳鶯Phylloscopus  collybita
Buff-throated  Warbler棕腹柳鶯Phylloscopus  subaffinis
Emei Leaf  Warbler
峨眉柳鶯Phylloscopus  emeiensis
Grey-crowned  Warbler灰冠鶲鶯Phylloscopus  tephrocephalus
Martens's  Warbler峨嵋鶲鶯Phylloscopus  omeiensis
Zappey's  Flycatcher琉璃藍鶲Cyanoptila cumatilis
Olive-backed  Sunbird黃腹花蜜鳥Cinnyris jugularis
Lapland  Longspur鐵爪鵐Calcarius lapponicus
Slaty Bunting藍鵐Emberiza siemsseni
Ortolan  Bunting圃鵐Emberiza hortulana
Chestnut-cheeked  Starling栗頰椋鳥Agropsar philippensis
Silver Oriole鵲色鸝Oriolus mellianus
Daurian Jackdaw達烏里寒鴉Coloeus dauuricus

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may i know what a species code means? thanks.


It is the species number in the lastest issue of the HK List. You can find this in the Records Committee section of this Forum.



Thank You! I will be the first 11 year old to have my photo on!


I hope so! Good luck!