[Others 其他] Field Trip to Long Valley & Mai Po Nature Reserve

Field Trip to Long Valley & Mai Po Nature Reserve

Field Trip to Long Valley & Mai Po Nature Reserve

The Rotary Centennial Institute for Wetland Conservation will organize a field trip to Long Valley and Mai Po Nature Reserve on 29th September 2007 (Saturday).

The trip is a follow-on activity of the HKIE workshop on “Restoration, creation and enhancement of wetlands in HK” on 14th July 2007. In the workshop, different case studies of wetland restoration, creation and enhancement works including those at Long Valley and Mai Po, were discussed to show how such works can maintain or increase the biodiversity of that area. This visit will allow participants to experience at first hand the works being carried out in Long Valley and Mai Po respectively, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of these two areas can also be viewed.

Mai Po Nature Reserve consists of a 380-hectare area of gei wai and ponds which provides safe roosting and feeding grounds for tens of thousands of migratory birds. In order to attract a greater diversity of wildlife, WWF Hong Kong has created and enhanced some of the wetland habitats of the reserve.

Long Valley is one of the largest freshwater wetlands remaining in Hong Kong where farming has been carried out for decades. The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society has carried out habitat management works including restoration and enhancement of the wetlands in order to provide more suitable habitats for birds.

For more details, please refer to the program outline. For registration, please fill in the registration form and fax it to 2482 0369 or email to Please also pass the information to those who are interested in the field trip. The deadline for application is 25th September 2007. For further enquiries, please contact Ms. Eva Cheuk at 3193 7509

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請參閱活動簡介,了解詳情。欲報名參加的人士,可填妥報名表格,並傳真至2482 0369或電郵至。請把活動消息轉交予有興趣的人士。截止報名日期為2007年9月25日。其他查詢,請致電3193 7509,聯絡卓宇媛小姐。