[Indoor] 2009年會員週年大會 .. AGM 2009

2009年會員週年大會 .. AGM 2009

影了些少相片作記錄 take some photos for a record

會員們看到新的攝影圖鑑時表現得相當興奮  members feel excited when they see the new photoguide

會員和嘉賓的發言  speech of our members and guest


Thank you for the record photos.  That is very good for other members to know that we have this meeting.
I like to re-capture some of the main points in yesterday's meeting.

1. The question of our future hiring is very important. There are very strong support for conservation from the point of policy and specific cases.  So we have to see how we can support a staff specializing in conservation.

2. The question of getting a staff on fund-raising is also discussed.  If fund-raising is successfully, then we may have the money to hire staff working on the areas that we wanted, such as conservation, education, and membership.

3. Potential donar is around.  The question is how we can convince them.  In the end, may be we should try it out using the HKBWS bird raise.

4. A member suggested that we use Chinese in our AGM documents, such as the chairman report.  I think we should do it, step by step.

5. One item that we have not mentioned yesterday - memberhsip fee next year.  Actually, the executive committee has decided not to raise the membership fee next year.  I hope that is acceptable to members.

HF Cheung


I for one would certainly strongly support any move to employ somebody to represent the Society in respect of planning, development and conservation issues. It is important that the Society's voice is heard when these come up for discussion or when specific development proposals have potential implications for birds and their habitats.



Since the member's voice is strong, I believe the executive committee would act accordingly.
There are still some more points I forget to report.

1. A member suggested to have an option to receive bulletin in electronic form only. We have been doing this already, and I think we should advertize it a bit more to encourage member to save paper and postage.

2. The executive committee in the next year will remain the same, at least up to this moment.

If there are more points, we will like to hear your opinion any time. Using the bulletin board is a good idea.

HF Cheung


An overwhelming support to recruit a staff working on the conservation issue was resulted in the discussion on HKBWS future plan in the AGM. I observed that those responded positively to the idea are exclusively savvy birdwatcher having witnessed the degrading birding habitat in last decade, if not decades.   For this I have no objection. However, may I raise an advice that more attention should be drawn onto the welfare of the majority member.  
The direction of the Society’s development is mainly dependant on the managing party’s decision. More focus on conservation issue would skew the society to “Green Group” approach.
However, one of the commonest thought/aim for new members to join the society is to “learn” or “try” birdwatching. I have been asked many many times by new members through what way can they explore more to the birdwatching activities.  Sadly, I think what the Society provide cannot meet the member’s need.
We know the member number is increasing, but we don’t know the turnover rate. We don’t know how many new members withdrawn renewal after finding HKBWS cannot provide what they expect.
We seldom hear their voice because new member seldom pop up to speak out. They seldom leave message on this forum. And we seldom have opportunity to contact the new member (unless you guide the bird watching class).  Where they come from? Why they join the Society? Fail to understand their need is fail to sustain the member pool.
One suggestion was made on the AGM to conduct a questionnaire among the members. I strongly agree, in order to have a better understanding of the expectation of the members.  
Managing board’s decision may not be necessarily concordant to member’s view. But at least it should understand more the community of the members, on which the Society is based, at least financially.
Holding more members is empowering the Society more influential, which is equally important when the Society want to fight for something.

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