Tai Po Kau Spring 2013

Tai Po Kau Spring 2013

Mar 31, April 1 morning

Yellow browed warbler
Grey backed thrush

Japanese thrush

Hainan blue flycathcer

Blue and white flycatcher

Buff bellied flowerpecker

Scarlet backed flowerpecker

Lesser shortwing
Grey faced buzzard


April 4, morning

Blue and white flycatcher
Japanese paradise flycatcher

Speckled piculet

Great barbet


Sounds like a good day Kwan - I was hoping for a Paradise Flycatcher on Lantau today, but no luck so far, maybe at the airport tomorrow!

Also good to see that Speckled Piculet is now behaving much better than in former times!

Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee


It has been at least 6 years since I last saw someone post a picture of a long-tailed Japanese Paradise Flycatcher in Hong Kong! Tai Po Kau is a magical place...


Firstly, Special thanks to Kwan, I learn a lot from you, Francis and also On Gor ;),very enjoy the birding time yesterday!

4 April 2013 cloudy and foggy, temp around 20

Red-Billed Leiothrix
Silver-Eared Mesia
Speckled Piculet
Streak-Breasted Scimitar Babbler

Mountain Tailorbird   (it sings loudly over my head)

Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker (F)

Black-Throated Laughingthrush

Blue-Winged Minia
Chestnut Bulbul

Buff-Bellied Flowerpecker (M)

Japanese Paradise Flycatcher
(I just can take this when he was flying at the tree top@@!)
Fork-Tailed Sunbird
Yellow-Browed Warbler
Japanese White eye
Black Bulbul

Great Barbet  (Heard)
Pygmy Wren Babbler (Heard)
Velvet-Fronted Nuthatch


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April 6, 7 morning

Hodgson's hawk cuckoo
Chestnut winged cuckoo
Ashy drongo
Black winged cuckoo-shrike
Hainan blue flycatcher
Blue and white flycatcher

Brown breasted flycatcher

Narcissus flycatcher


April 13, 14 morning

Hodgson's hawk cuckoo
Rufous tailed robin
Ferruginous flycatcher
Black naped monarch
Hainan blue flycatcher

Pale legged leaf warbler
Yellow browed warboer
Eastern crowned warbler

Lesser shortwing 3X
Pygmy wren babbler 5X


April 21 moring

Arctic wabler
Hodgson's hawk cuckoo
Black winged cuckoo shrike
Oriental dollarbird

Hainan blue flycatcher 6X

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April 27, morning

Brown shrike
Crested goshawk
Hainan blue flycatcher 5X
Asian paradise flycatcher

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May 5, morning

Eyebrowed thrush, 6

Hainan blue flycatcher, 8

Blue throated flycatcher, possible

Hodgson's hawk cuckoo

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May 11, morning

Lesser shortwing, 3
Pygmy wren babbler, 3
Bay woodpecker

Orange headed thrush

Hainan blue flycatcher 5

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